We hung our stockings this weekend. You too? Maybe some of you caught my Instagram stories of Olive teetering on a step stool while Christmas music played and Oscar strolled by with a garland. Could you smell the hot cocoa? But that was just the beginning. I really want to deck-the-halls this year. Twinkle lights everywhere. Holiday displays on every flat surface (the entry table, the coffee table, the dinner table). Bowls full of ornaments (and a tree full too).

For those of you who are feeling like me and want to max out your holiday decorating this year, you’ll be glad to hear that I’ve added a whole new section over in The Shop, filled with Holiday Decor. If you’re interested, I separated my picks into a few themes — Classic Christmas, Snowy Woodland, and Glam Gold and Silver. I paid special attention to good bargains, good reviews and speedy shipping.

I’d love to hear: do you work with a distinct theme when you decorate for the holidays? Or do you mix and match? If you named your holiday decorating style, what would you call it?

P.S. — And I’m still working on one more holiday theme called Vintage Modern — a place to put all those pretty pinks and turquoises. Watch for it this week.