A New Hair Color for the Summer featured by popular lifestyle blogger, Design Mom

So I went in for my monthly trim, and we were chatting about the idea of maybe going platinum next month or maybe after Ralph gets from from Colombia. As we were chatting, she had a hair color appointment cancellation immediately following my appointment, so we decided to go for the new hair color change then and there! It felt good to be spontaneous, and I’m loving the new hair color.

Today is my birthday, so I’m calling my new ‘do a birthday gift. Also on the birthday schedule? I’m hoping to get a long overdue mani-pedi, and we bought tix for the whole family to see Incredibles 2 tonight. Have you seen the preview? I’m so excited — I feel like our whole family has been wishing for a sequel for 15 years.

Two other birthday thoughts:

1) The first thing I did for my birthday was to scrub my bedroom from top to bottom. I LOVE when my room is totally put together with fresh sheets on the bed. And I don’t mind doing the scrubbing myself, because I know just how I like it done. Hah! I know a clean room is a boring birthday wish, but that’s fine with me. I’m old enough to know what I like.

2) Two years ago, I discovered I share a birthday with Donald J. Trump, the grossest human being in the world. Ugh, right? Who do you share your birthday with? Anyone awesome? 

P.S. — Ben Blair picked me up from the appointment and said he thinks this might be his favorite cut & color on me so far. But he always says that. He’s the best.