This post is sponsored by Netflix

We are in Colorado dealing with our storage unit and we still have dozens of decisions to make about our move. Should we bring both sofas? Or just one? Will that set of drawers fit in the boys’ bedroom? Or should we donate it? But one thing was decided before we even moved: we’re not getting cable. Instead, we’re going to stream our media. In France, we only streamed, so we got used to it, and it works so well for our family!

There are lots of services out there, but we’re using Netflix — and specifically Netflix Families. Here’s why:

1) Streaming is genius! Because there’s no wait time. You find the episode or movie you want to watch and it starts instantly. No finding something to occupy your time while the media downloads.

2) It works on the kids’ ipods, on the family ipad, on my laptop, on my phone — essentially, on every device we have. And in our family room, we can use stream Netflix directly to the family TV through our Wii.

Obviously, this works wonderfully for us at home, but it also works when we’re out and about. If we can connect to a good internet signal than we’re good to go. That means at hotels, at Grandma’s house, even in the waiting room at the dentist’s office, our kids can access their favorite shows. And they don’t have to prep their devices or download the programs ahead of time. Instant access!


3) It’s really easy to set up. I get intimidated by some tech-y things, but the appeal of streaming was so great, that I didn’t even hesitate to try it. And I’m so glad I jumped right in, because it couldn’t be easier to use the Netflix streaming service. On cellphones and tablets, there’s a Netflix app. On laptops or desktop computers, you login directly at the main site.

4) It’s much more affordable than our previous cable bills. At $7.00 per month, a year’s worth of service costs less than taking our family to a movie. (Granted, we’re a big family, but still.) And Netflix Families is included with a monthly subscription — it’s not an add-on.


5) Fifth, we really love the categories on Netflix Families. They have titles like Classics to Share With Your Kids (remember He-Man and Jem? (Truly outrageous!), and TV For Curious Kids, with nature and science offerings (Oscar loves these!). They have a Get Ready for Preschool section that is my go to for little June. There’s a Show Your Kids The World section full of programs about the coolest places on earth. They even have a Catch-Up TV for Busy Parents section that Ben Blair and I browse after the kids go to bed — it’s full of suggestions like Arrested Development and Breaking Bad (Ben’s favorite).

Tell me, Friends. Have you jumped on the streaming bandwagon yet? If you’re like me, once you try it, you’ll never go back.

P.S. — We’re staying at our cousins’ house here in Denver, and I snapped these pictures this morning. Betty is always our earliest riser! Netflix Families is perfect to keep her company until her siblings wake up — and eventually join her. I love seeing Oscar and Betty snuggled together!