local eggs

Image and text by Gabrielle.

Here I am, waving hello from a plane to New York. Hello there!

It’s a short trip. I’ll fly back to California on Thursday — but I have a packed schedule full of meetings, errands and events. I always love a visit to New York!

One funny thing is that snow is expected in the city this week. Funny to me because we’ve been in shorts for the past couple of weeks in Oakland. So yesterday I was hunting down gloves and hats in the back of my closet as I packed, and getting advice on whether or not there would be enough snow to need my winter boots.

But the thing I want to tell you most is that we found a neighbor who keeps chickens and we asked her if we could buy a dozen each week! This has me grinning like it’s the biggest news ever!!

I realize I’m unreasonably happy about it. It’s not like there aren’t eggs in every single grocery store in the entire country. It’s just that we Loved-with-a-capital-L eating eggs from our neighbor in France — we even made an Olive Us episode about it! The chickens roamed free on the little farm and we could see them from our window. The yolks were huge and orange instead of yellow, and the eggs were so delicious! We ate at least a dozen each week — boiled, scrambled, or poached.

We assumed we’d get re-adusted to the standard U.S. eggs when we moved back, because we weren’t picky about them at all in years past, but it turns out we haven’t re-adjusted. In fact, we’ve pretty much stopped eating eggs altogether except in baking. And we’ve missed them. So I’m hoping these local eggs will expand our menu once again.

We just got them yesterday and I haven’t even eaten one yet, but they’ll keep till I get home. I’m crossing my fingers they are as delicious as they are beautiful! It’s a little hard to tell in the photo, but the pale ones are a wonderful shade of green/blue/grey. The only thing left to decide is whether we’ll keep them in fridge or on the counter. : )

Tell me friends, have you ever had a similar experience? Maybe had a particular bread, or cheese, or fruit, or ice cream that was so good that you were spoiled for all other versions after that? Or maybe you buy eggs from your neighbor too? I’d love to hear!

P.S. — I feel like such a food snob about these eggs! I shake my head at myself when I think about it.