To me, one of the greatest beauty tricks is achieving a natural look with make-up: rosy, dewy cheeks with nary a spot and perfectly berried lips. I never know how to make this happen, but I just learned that it begins with primer and ends with a spritz of setting spray.

Keiko Lynn‘s latest beauty tutorial on Refinery29 shows us exactly how to master that fresh face we want to wear to the market, school pick-up, and even while we’re sitting next to Ben Blair batting our eyelashes! Or is that just me who does that?

I do love learning about ways to look as naturally beautiful as I can, even if it requires loads of product! How about you? Have you ever used setting spray? I want to hear all about it!

The very beautiful Keiko Lynn and her puppy via her blog.

P.S. — Easy DIY skin toner, and a great discussion about beauty and taking risks.