My trip to eBay in San Jose was fantastic — I got to meet Samantha Bee! And I learned all about Unwrap Attacks. Which are my new favorite thing. Unwrap Attacks happen when someone opens a gift they really want and go nuts. Samantha Bee (of the Daily Show) is the spokesperson for this holiday Love to Give campaign and she is hilarious. Watch this:

After we learned about unwrap attacks (seeing the happy kids had me bawling), we got to meet Samantha Bee in person — and even shot a little holiday footage with her. So awesome! Here I am, with Baby June and Samantha Bee, in a sleigh in front of a blue screen. If the footage they shot turns out, I’ll be sure to share:

I also learned loads of other interesting things. I’ve made a short list so that I don’t forget anything.

1) We spent the day on the eBay campus learning, learning and learning. We learned facts about the company, like they have over 16,000 employees located across the globe. And we learned about a few of their latest programs.

2) Like the cool new eBay boxes. They come in 3 sizes and they’re designed to be used 5 times. You can register the box number here and track its travels around the country. As an incentive for reusing the box, you can even earn eBay bucks. The best part: the boxes have little spaces where you can leave messages for the next box recipient. Cute!

3) We also learned about the new Group Gifting option eBay developed. Have you ever tried to buy a gift for someone and have all your coworkers chip in? Or maybe fellow moms around the neighborhood? It can be awkward to make sure everyone has paid, and the organizer often ends up footing the bill. The new group gifting option at eBay promises to solve all that. You can learn about it here.

4) And we found out eBay has some really cool charitable auctions happening this holiday through their Giving Works program. For example, you could bid on a celebrity golf trip to Hawaii with sports greats like Steve Young, benefitting the Children’s Miracle Network. Or you could bid on dinner with President Clinton and three friends — with proceeds going to the Clinton Foundation.

Thank you to eBay for hosting me. Thanks to my fellow bloggers for oohing and aahing over baby June and pretending she wasn’t an interruption — Janice, Rachael, Kat, Sheila, Eileen, Louise, Jenny, Amy and Naomi. And thank you to the folks at Mekanism for organizing the terrific event.

I have high hopes that I’ll cause a few Unwrap Attacks this year. How about you?

P.S. — You can find more photos from the event here. Also. Score! I won some of my plates on eBay last week. I can’t wait till they arrive. I might have an Unwrap Attack when I open them. : )