My sister Jordan is moving from Paris back to San Francisco today. And I’m super sad about it! We’re living so far from home, and it’s been such a comfort to have family just two hours away. We didn’t even see each other that often, but it’s knowing she was there. Like when Maude was in the hospital — how lovely to think I could call on Jordan & Paul if we needed them. Or when I want to chat with someone early in the morning and everyone in the U.S. is fast asleep.

Plus, Jordan & Paul were amazing about hosting our family. They would generously invite all 8(!) of us to come stay in their little Paris apartment — and they never acted stressed out about it. I’m afraid Paris won’t feel nearly as close without the Ferney’s apartment to crash in.

What about you? How close do you live to your family?

P.S. — I know blogs are often a show, and make people look cooler than they are, but I’m telling you, in Jordan’s case, she is even cooler than her blog. Very little intimidates her. She thinks of amazing ideas, and then makes them happen. I can’t wait to see what she thinks up next.