italy nice travel poster vintage

For my 3rd and last post in the Intel AppUp℠ series (post 1 here, post 2 here), Intel asked me: Are your kids using technology to prepare for the big move to France?

My answer: For sure. In fact, a very specific way comes to mind. During our year abroad, we’re hoping we can use our farmhouse as a central home base and travel to other parts of Europe or nearby regions. So Ben Blair assigned the kids to start researching where they’d like to go. He created a simple worksheet with entries that say: City, Country, Three things to see, Food to try, Image.

egypt nice travel poster vintage

The kids take the worksheet, get on the computer or laptop or smart phone and start searching. For the image, they print their favorite touristy shot of the destination and paste it to the worksheet. Then, all the worksheets are compiled in a folder.

So far, they’ve researched Cairo, Venice, Copenhagen, London, Brussels, Berlin and Rome. I wonder how many we’ll be able visit? So exciting to think about!

What about you? What sorts of things would you do to get your kids excited for a big move? Also. Don’t you just love vintage travel posters? They make me smile.

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