By Koseli.

Can’t you feel it? The days are getting shorter, and it’s definitely time for winter gear! I can’t really imagine the cold winter months without Mujjo’s unisex touchscreen gloves.

The science of it all is pretty cool. Touchscreens work by sensing the conductive properties of your skin. Mujjo gloves are made of high-quality silver-coated, conductive nylon fibers knitted into the fabric of the glove, so you can use any touchscreen device with your gloves on. And, unlike most of the other touchscreen gloves out there, Mujjo technology runs throughout all ten fingers and your palms, too.

So when you’re leaving the grocery store with bags in one hand, a tiny hand in another, and your phone rings with a call you’ve been waiting for all day, no more tugging off your mittens with your teeth! And can you imagine the photos you can snap on the ski slope? Take away the threat of frozen fingertips, and I’m thinking your photography (and texting!) skills might sky-rocket!

P.S. This could also help your on-the-go photos.