It is here.

It is really here!

Moving day.

The Mayflower packing crew came yesterday morning. They came armed with a truckload of moving supplies and whipped the house into shape in less than 3 hours. When things were winding down, we sat around the kitchen table drinking soda and swapping the best moving stories we’d heard/experienced. No surprise: the crew’s stories were better than mine. Long Island is a fascinating place, my friends.

There was something so energizing about having the packing crew arrive. Like it was finally game time. And decisions had to be made now or never. I loved it.

When the packers were driving away, Mayflower’s quality control rep dropped by to make sure everything was in order for today. And Diane called twice to see how I was doing and how things were progressing. I felt very taken care of.

Although I’ve been working like crazy to get ready, there were a couple of rooms I wasn’t quite prepared to get fully packed up yet. So I asked them to leave some moving boxes and I finished up last night while Ben Blair cycled through the rest of the laundry. (Have I told you lately how wonderful Ben Blair is? And sexy.)

Today is the loading. There are about 1 billion boxes. But today’s moving crew guesstimated we’d be over and done before the kids get home from school at 3:15.

They’ll come home to an empty house.

We’ll say our goodbyes.

Blow kisses to our bedrooms.

Wave at Quanta (the grassy area at the end of the street that my kids named after they watched Bridge to Terabithia).

Then we’ll pile into the car and drive to JFK.

We’ll stay at a hotel nearby and fly out early tomorrow morning.

My last day in New York. Au revoir, mon ami.