hidden golden gate park map by Jen Reyn

By Gabrielle. Illustration by Jen Reyn.

It’s been fun to start our adventures here! We arrived home from our looong Colorado drive very late on Friday night. Technically, it was actually very early on Saturday morning — 1:30 AM. Man, we were beat! So we slept in on Saturday and didn’t make many big plans, just a few errands. But Liz and Jordan had told us about a showing of The Princess Bride at Dolores Park in San Francisco that night, and by Saturday afternoon, the kids were up for something fun, so we drove into they city.

We picked up pizza at Delfina’s, and ice cream at Bi-Rite — two of the city’s best! Then we spread out blankets at the park and had a fabulous time laughing along with thousands of others when the most famous lines were delivered (Inconceivable!).

Two things I noticed: 1) It was mostly grownups (granted it was late for young kids, the movie started at about 9:00 PM). And people were super, super friendly. They would share candy or snacks with my kids, and no one seemed to get stressed out if you had to step on their blanket to make your way to a rest room. 2) We were told it would be cold, so everyone wore a hoodie, but when we got there, we realized we were underdressed. The locals wore heavy coats and winter hats! Luckily, we had enough blankets that everyone could snuggle together and stayed warm.

We made it about half way through, but when the movie temporarily paused, we decided that was our cue to head home and get some sleep. Overall, so much fun!

Have you ever been to a community outdoor movie? I’d love to hear about it!

P.S. — Do you know the illustration work of Jen Reyn? She’s terrific! I saw her Hidden Golden Gate Park Map and it got me excited to explore. I’m just showing half of the map, click here for the full thing. It’s nice having cousins in San Francisco — by hanging out with them, we’re getting to know both Oakland and SF.