This post is sponsored by Hallmark Signature — every mom has a Signature. This Mother’s Day celebrate her with a Hallmark Signature card.


I’m working with Hallmark Signature to celebrate Mother’s Day, and the idea that “every mom has a signature” is on my mind. A signature way of spreading joy, a signature way of making life more beautiful, a signature way of caring, a signature walk, look, or smile.

Being able to recognize and appreciate what someone’s signature is such a talent, don’t you think? Everyone loves to hear how amazing they are. And when someone takes the time to understand what makes you…you, and then praises you for those qualities, your world is changed. You feel heard, validated, uplifted and cared for. It’s the best!

This “signature” concept dominated the conversation at a little Mother’s Day Brunch I went to last week.

My sister Jordan of Oh Happy Day, invited me and our sister-in-law Liz of Say Yes, to come to the city for a small, happy motherhood celebration.

It was held at Leo’s Oyster Bar — quite possibly the most beautiful restaurant in San Francisco — and Jordan brought thoughtful touches to make it even more spectacular — like fresh peonies that were so perfect I thought they might be fake, pretty little gifts tied up with silk ribbons, and a stack of gorgeous Mother’s Day cards from the Hallmark Signature line.

Since we live in the same area, you’d think we would see each other a ton, and get together for lunch dates all the time. But honestly, it rarely happens. We all run businesses and have 12 kids between us, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Hah!

Really, it was such a treat to be altogether — a little break with no work and no parenting responsibilities. We feasted on fresh oysters, oohed and aahed over the restaurant decor, and talked, talked, talked. And then we took some time to think about “signatures” and write messages to some of the wonderful women in our lives.

It was really fun to consider each card, and think about who it might be perfect for. I enjoyed taking hints from the luxe details on the cards — like colorful embroidery, beaded touches, or a piece of fabric in the design — and then picturing who would love the gorgeous card the most.

We would consider the special women in our lives, and ask ourselves: What do they need to hear from me? What makes them unique? What is their signature? And then pick out a card just for them and write a heartfelt message.

For example, I chose a beautiful card featuring a woman wearing a beaded necklace and tulle skirt for friend from my neighborhood — a young mother of three who I know is feeling overwhelmed right now. Something about the striped shirt made the card feel French — and being a Francophile is definitely one of my friend’s signatures. Plus, the messaging inside was perfect for a young mother.

Don’t laugh, but this brunch almost felt like a discovery. I mean, I know Mother’s Day Brunches are a thing that lots of people do. Like 100% totally common. But I’ve actually never attended one! Since I’ve lived far from my Mother and Mother-in-Law for the last 20 years or so, I’ve never really considered them an option. Like in my head, there was some sort of rule that a Mother’s Day Brunch was only a possibility if I was taking out my own mother.

Obviously, that’s silly. (Why do I make these pretend mental rules?) There are so many mothers in my life that I could enjoy something like this with! It was wonderful to celebrate motherhood with my sisters, and if I didn’t live near my sisters, I’m sure it would be equally wonderful to celebrate motherhood with friends. In fact, I would be over the moon to make a brunch like this a tradition.

How about you? If your mom wasn’t (or isn’t) available to celebrate with, who would you like to take to brunch instead? And who are the important women in your life who you’ll be sending cards to this year? Do you feel like you can identify a “signature” for them? Can you identify your own signature?

Hallmark Signature cards are available in the card department wherever Hallmark cards are sold. Click here to find a store near you to get Hallmark Signature card for your loved one this Mother’s Day!


Credits: Photos by Paul Ferney.