By Koseli. Image by Lenka Clayton.

As both a personal and political statement, Lenka Clayton, a conceptual artist and full-time mother,  has created a motherhood residency funded by The Pittsburgh Foundation.

For the 227 days of the residency the fragmented mental focus, exhaustion, nap-length studio time and countless distractions of parenthood as well as the absurd poetry of time spent with a young child will become the artist’s working materials and situation, rather than obstacles to be escaped from.

Her website documents her experience of being a full-time mother and creating art in her attic during her one year old son’s naps. Lenka’s studio diary (I love Things Found in Babies Mouths and What do we do all day?) and catalog of artwork are a fascinating peek into the harmony and strain of parenting and profession.

What do you think of a motherhood residency?

P.S. — It looks like Lenka will be doing a double residency as of May 20!