More Birthdays American Cancer Society

Mom 2.0 was terrific. I loved getting to visit New Orleans for the first time, and loved my hotel room at the Ritz Carlton. Can we have a vote that all conferences from now on be held at Ritz Carltons? : )

During the conference, the American Cancer Society hosted a cupcake reception, tied in with their More Birthdays campaign. Everybody in the room lit a birthday candle on their cupcake and sang Happy Birthday together — it was one of those unexpectedly powerful moments. (I love those moments!) They also had a series of amazing artwork turned into wrapping paper and gave out sheets of wrapping to attendees.

More Birthdays American Cancer Society

Artwork as wrapping paper accompanied by cupcakes and birthday candles is the sort of promotion that totally speaks to me. I loved everything about it. Great job, American Cancer Society! Want to get in on the action? You can order your own wrapping paper by clicking on the artwork here.

– I really enjoyed my panel on Friday morning. The brillant Stephanie Smirnoff did an excellent job moderating. And my fellow panelists, Shelly Kramer and Erica Diamond, were smart and engaging. I could have listened to all three of them for hours.

– After her keynote panel, I sat down and chatted with endlessly interesting Vanessa Holden. You probably recognize her name because she just left her position as Editor of Martha Stewart Living to become a Creative Director at West Elm. Her career has been in traditional media, but I love that she seems to totally respect new media and never makes you feel like your blog is just a “cute little hobby”.

– Heather of Dooce told me how hard she laughed at Ralph’s April Fools video. I told Ralph that the most famous blogger in the world loved his video and it made his day!

– On Saturday night, there was a reading at the Eiffel Society sponsored by Tide Loads of Hope. Eleven authors each read one of their pieces. I laughed and cried and then laughed and cried some more. $10,000 was raised and donated to the Red Cross.

Kyran Pittman gave me a copy of her new memoir, Planting Dandelions. I devoured it on the plane ride home. So good! I loved reading about how her parenting style has become more relaxed over the years. I could relate.

Dreyers/Edys was one of the sponsors and every time I walked by their booth I would grab another serving of ice cream. I bet I consumed 15 different servings. I’m not even kidding.

– My favorite part of any conference I attend is spending time with Laura Mayes and Laurie Smithwick. If you know them, count yourself lucky!

P.S. —   Did I tell you my luggage didn’t make it back to France with me? I flew from New Orleans to Charlotte and my layover was so short, that I literally had to run for the Paris plane and barely made it before the door was closed — alas, my checked bag didn’t make the flight. But my suitcase was delivered to my door this morning and happily, everything arrived intact. Guess what it was full of… Easter candy! For souvenirs, my kids requested as many Peeps and mini Reeses as I could carry.