I just realized I haven’t shared this skin-saving balm that I’m loving. In July, I bought a jar of Mom’s Stuff salve and have found it to be so all-around useful! I use it on my dry summer feet (especially the heels), on my hands after doing the dishes, and use it to sooth and heal the kids’ bumps and scrapes. It works wonders, I swear. It’s one of those products that has become a part of the family bag — thrown in with diapers, sunscreen, water bottles, etc. when we head off on an adventure.

I always like trying a new product, and I was tempted by this one because it’s carefully made in small batches by one person (her name is Lee Bennion), plus the ingredients are as wholesome as can be.

I love discovering products like that! Any good beauty balms you’ve tried lately?

P.S. — A little goes a long way, so it looks like my one jar is going to last for ages!