By Gabrielle. Photo credits: United Nations Foundation | Amy Sussman.

I’ve been meaning to tell you a little about my trip to New York earlier this month. Ambassador Power was speaking at the Moms + Social Good conference and I was invited to moderate. What an honor!

We talked about fascinating things like the realities of her work and home life — bedtime stories interrupted by phone calls from world leaders (can you imagine?!). We talked heart-breaking things, like the kidnapped Nigerian daughters. And we got emotional as talk turned to the children that needlessly die as war intersects with their childhood. We talked about light-hearted things, too. I asked her about her strong name and wondered if she gave her kids similarly powerful names.

It was a really good talk. And that comes as no surprise, because Ambassador Power is terrific. Obviously, smart as can be and passionate about improving the world, but also delightful to talk with. Friendly and personable, she kept the whole room enthralled easily. The interview went much too fast and I found myself wishing I could chat with her for hours!


This is the second year of the Moms + Social Good event — a partnership between Johnson & Johnson and the United Nations Foundation. The whole conference was live-streamed, so women could watch it and take part wherever they are in the world. If you’re curious, you can find images, video and reports about the day here.

The event was truly well done. It acted as the finale of the Global Moms Relay. The relay is new to me, but I’m already a fan of the whole idea. What is the Global Moms Relay? It’s this: from International Women’s Day through Mothers’ Day (March 7 through May 11), 30+ celebrities and community leaders from New York to Nairobi answered the question “How has a mom changed your world?”. Powerful stuff!


If you’ve read Design Mom for awhile, you may know I’ve worked with other advocacy groups — like OneMoms and Every Mother Counts — that work to help mothers around the world. Both of these groups (and many, many more) were present at the Moms + Social Good event. It’s so important to me to keep talking about these issues, keep them in the news, make sure my elected officials know how I feel about them. And this conference felt like an amplification of all those things. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to attend.

P.S. — I know when I mentioned Ambassador Power earlier, there were comments that she is a favorite role model for kids. I love that! Are you familiar with her work? Maybe you’ve read her books? I’m so impressed with her — I feel like a fan girl!