I just met Moment Junkie, a site whose mission it is to collect shots that capture a fleeting moment perfectly.

As Kyle Hepp, one of the site’s curators, explains, “I am a Moment Junkie. I’ve been married for almost four years now, and my favorite memory of my wedding day is Seba’s expression when he saw me walking down the aisle. His face lit up with a grin so big it almost split his head in two. That memory exists only my head and in a few amateur digital photographs that my guests took. I wish, so badly, that a Moment Junkie had been there to capture it. I didn’t care then about what colors our flowers were and I don’t care now. I care that Seba and I are far better together than we ever were apart.”

That gave me chills! Tell me, Friends: Is there a moment in your own memory you wish had been caught by a camera?

The Horah Face by Douglas Levy Photography via Moment Junkie.