Dress by MM.LaFleur

Photos by Ben Blair.  //  This post is brought to you by MM.LaFleur.

We’ve talked before how challenging making time for clothes shopping can be. Often, many of us keep a schedule that’s so full of tasks and errands that we don’t have time to shop for ourselves. Then a party or meeting or job interview or event or even conference comes up in our life and we have absolutely nothing appropriate to wear. So we panic and buy the first thing that sort-of fits at the closest clothes store, and it’s not quite right, and we’ll probably never wear it again, but oh well because we’re out of time. Anyone else relate? : )

MM.LaFleur Clothes Shopping Service. Luxury delivered to your door.

So when I hear of services that help with this sort of thing, I’m all ears. Today, I’m delighted to introduce you to MM.LaFleur. They aim to “take the work out of dressing for work”. If you’re someone who gets up every morning and ponders how to look professional and polished, pay attention. This company was made for you!

Sweater by MM.LaFleur

Their wares are all about really well made pieces that go easily from office to dinner. And they focus on easy care too — creating items that are machine washable, travel-friendly, and totally comfortable. Pieces that will look good for a long time.

To start, you fill out a style profile, then MM.LaFleur will send out a Bento Box — at no cost to you! — filled with 5-8 luxurious wardrobe staples based on your profile. You try things on, keep only what you love, and send the rest back. Oh. And a return shipping label comes with your package, so it’s simple as can be to make returns immediately. Nothing fits? No stress and no shipping or processing costs to you. MM.LaFleur only charges for the pieces you decide to keep.

Luck Favors the Brave notebook by MM.LaFleur

These are higher end pieces, meant to feel at home in even the most chic of New York offices. You can read the story behind the company here. Their goal: To make the purposeful woman look and feel beautiful, without having to work too hard at it.

They currently carry size 0-16, and they offer dresses, skirts, tops and sweaters, coats, plus accessories like belts, scarves and jewelry. Oh. And MM.LaFleur also offers a few luxurious objects — I want to give this Luck Favors the Brave notebook to every woman I meet! Not interested in a Bento Box? You can also shop the store directly.

Dress by MM.LaFleur

The quality of this service really stood out to me — from the packaging materials to the website to the clothes themselves — every detail feels special. And the ease of ordering and returning can’t be emphasized enough. I know shopping for clothes online can be tricky, but MM.LaFleur has made it as easy as possible. As I mentioned, the return label comes with the box of clothes, you don’t even need to print it out. You simply try on the clothes, box up anything that doesn’t fit, and send it back.

MM.LaFleur sent a box of clothes that I could try on and photograph for this post, plus a return shipping label so I could send everything back after the shoot and experience for myself how easy their return process is. I’m in the market for a new black dress, so they sent 3 different options to try on — plus a gorgeous sweater that I wouldn’t have chosen for myself, but that I fell in love with. Here’s a little photo tour of what they sent.

Dress by MM.LaFleur Dress by MM.LaFleur Dress by MM.LaFleur

The first dress I tried on is probably my favorite. It’s called The Annabelle and it’s machine washable! It totally gave me that little black dress feel, but also looks completely professional. I felt dressed up, and also relaxed, because the dress is super soft and comfortable. There was no fidgeting or adjusting as I moved around.

Dress by MM.LaFleur

And the fit was forgiving as well. The draping gathers at all the right places to distract from the fact that I don’t sport abs of steel. And the neckline is effortlessly elegant! I felt fantastic in this dress. I could instantly see how versatile it is. I could wear a dress like this to work meetings, on a dinner date with Ben Blair, to Alt Summit, even to church. This would also be a perfect dress for traveling.

Sweater by MM.LaFleur

The next dress I tried is called The Karen and it’s a subtle peacock blue. It’s stretchy and comfortable, with simple lines. Alas, it didn’t fit me at the chest, so I’m showing this dress paired with the gorgeous sweater.

Sweater by MM.LaFleur Sweater by MM.LaFleur Sweater by MM.LaFleur Sweater by MM.LaFleur

This sweater! It’s called The Morandi and just holding it felt like a luxury. It’s thick and soft and drapes beautifully. I did not want to take it off. I could imagine keeping this hanging from my office chair — the perfect warmth layer when I can see a storm moving in. And I could also imagine basically living in this over the weekend too. It’s so cozy!

Dress by MM.LaFleur

The third dress hit a sweet spot between casual and dressy. It’s called The Claudia. The fit is definitely more casual, but the materials and details — including the most fabulous gold “button” that feels like a piece of jewelry — really elevate it.

Dress by MM.LaFleur Dress by MM.LaFleur Dress by MM.LaFleur Dress by MM.LaFleur

This dress comes with a self tie, but it can also be worn without it for more of a swing-dress look. I immediately thought how smart this dress would be as maternity wear. It’s roomy enough that it would get you through those first 6 months or so gracefully, when true maternity clothes still feel too big. And would be just as wonderful in those months after the baby arrives.

What do you think? Do you make time for shopping, or do you find it nuisance? Have you ever tried a shopping service like MM.LaFleur? I’d love to hear. I shipped back my box today and it was truly a snap. They even include a piece of packing tape so you can reseal the box!