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I always find something I love on these sites. I love minimalism, but find it difficult to live up to its ideals because I have four children and they all have “stuff.” I’m really good at throwing things away, thanks in large part to a father who used to say “Just throw it away!” at least three times a day growing up. If I really need it, or wish I had an item back, I can always buy a new one (saying that makes the cheap miser in my cringe, but I say it like I mean it at any rate). To be honest, I’ve never had to do that.

Living without a lot of stuff makes life easier in a lot of ways. Less stuff to clean up, less stuff to worry about, take care of, or occupy your mind. A good rule of thumb: If you something new comes into your home, something else must exit. It makes you appreciate what you have. Clothes, toys, kitchen accessories, etc. This philosophy does NOT apply to books, lipstick, DVDs, music, or photos, however.

A new philosophy I’m exploring: only have things in your home that are beautiful and that you really, really love. It is worth it to spend a little more on a plate or cake pedestal, for example, that you are absolutely crazy about, then to have a couple you think are tolerable. If they are just taking up space, then get rid of them. This can be a slow process, but you’ll never be able to spot a good deal or the perfect item until you know what you like.

I recently replaced all my mismatched plastic kids cups, bowls, and plates with matching ones with coordinating cups and its made me really happy. I had seen some I liked in Pottery Barn, and how excited was I to find perfectly comparable ones at the controversial (Wal-Mart) lower price!