Note from Design Mom: While I’m busy with the move to France, I’ve got a crew of talented Guest Moms filling in for me. Here’s another great project post (so cute!) from Khali Whatley of Little Lovely. Enjoy!

Living in France for a year is bound to be an amazing adventure for the entire Blair family. The Blair children will make lots of wonderful memories, so I created memory boxes to help them remember their time abroad. They’re really simple and a cute alternative to journals.

1) First, I personalised the lid of a medium wooden box by dividing the lid into three equal sections. Then, I used tape to mark off each section and painted them the colours of the French flag.

2) Once the lid was dry, I measured the inside lid and walls of the box and cut pieces of a map of Paris during the Renaissance to fit. I secured the pieces of map to the inside of the box with a decoupage finish.

3) Next, I took 76 x 127mm index (or system) cards and wrote some example memories for the Blairs and decorated them with pictures of famous French landmarks.

The Blair children can collect ticket stubs, pictures and dried flowers – anything that reminds them of their year in France and attach them to an index card along with a written memory. The index cards are especially good for children as they can be re-written or replaced if required. It also means that the entire Blair family can contribute to the memory box.

4) Then, I placed the example index cards in the memory box for safekeeping.