Today was the first day in a whole month that I’ve a had a scheduled sitter so I could get some solid work done. It feels so good! Working without interruption = sweet satisfaction.

My mind is all over the place. Friday was the last day of school. We’re making mental adjustments to the idea — because school won’t be out in New York till the end of June. And really, I barely had time to learn the teacher’s names and the school year is already over. To celebrate we went hot-tubbing at our friend’s house and had a sleepover.

Memorial Day was ideal and played its role as the first day of summer perfectly. We had a laundry/clean-the-house morning and then BBQ’d with the cousins through the afternoon and evening. Some of the party festivities: Football in the shared green space behind out house. Hamburgers, brats and hotdogs. Rain. Guitar Hero. Playing patriotic songs with the chimes. Watching the Nuggets/Lakers game. Fireworks on the wet patio.

The kids made cute little votive holders a la Nie, and hung them in the apple tree, but it was too wet to light them. Nobody minded.
: )