For Memorial Day, we went to the WWII American Military Cemetery that overlooks the D-Day beaches. We knew the grounds would likely be closed — and they were — but that’s okay, because there are lots of memorials outside the grounds, and many beautiful paths that lead down to Omaha beach.

I gave a tour of our solemn and peaceful outing in my Instagram Stories if you’d like to see what a visit there is like. (I’m told that link should work on your laptop even if you don’t have an Instagram account.)

On the drive from our house to the D-Day beaches, there are WWII cemeteries from lots of different countries, not just America. And I was thinking about how much sacrifice and effort went into attempting to defeat white supremacy, and the nazis — on both a national and global scale.

But now, it’s all back again (I know it was never fully gone). There are lots of Americans openly and proudly aligning themselves with white supremacy, anti-semitism, and nazis. It makes me sad and angry, and worried for my broken country.

I was also thinking about our earlier visits to that cemetery and how vast it is. There are 9385 graves on the grounds. That’s so many graves that when you stand at the first row, your eye can’t see till the end.

All those lives, sacrificed for war.

And then I was thinking about the New York Times cover. There are seemingly endless graves in the Normandy American Military Cemetery, and yet it’s not even 10% of the deaths we’ve seen so far from Covid-19. Unnecessary deaths.

All those lives, sacrificed so a buffoon could attempt to improve his image.

These are hard and strange and uncertain times. I’m really feeling that today. I’m thinking of you and I hope you’ve been able to take a moment to mark Memorial Day.