Yesterday Annette, from Hansen Hives, stopped by to check on our queen bee and make sure she’d gotten out of her box alright. We had 6,000 bees delivered last week! There is something so magical about having this fortress of sweet, humming productivity buzzing away in the corner of our yard.

Annette said the bees will fill up the bottom box within a month. Then they add one more, which when filled will be their winter food storage (clever bees!) and then anything on top of that is for us!

Once Annette found the queen bee, she put her in this little cup with plastic mesh on top and she painted a yellow dot on the queen’s back so she’ll be easy to locate.

The bees had already started building out honeycomb. When you peeked into the hive you could see them strung out like little trapeze artists, clinging to each other’s legs, creating a living bee chain. It was the cutest thing.

If you live in the Salt Lake area, definitely check out Hansen Hives. You can host a hive while Aaron and Annette maintain it, until you feel comfortable enough to take over, at which point you can buy it from them; brilliant!