Are you feeling the Olympic fever? I totally am. I love the Olympics! A Design Mom Reader, Heidi, sent me this inspiring video and it started a conversation at our house about the Olympics and the Paralympics.

Some people predict that the Olympics and Paralympics will merge. And merge soon! That this might be the last Olympics where they are separate. Artificial limbs are becoming so advanced that, if they don’t already, they’re expected to move beyond the strength and speed of non-artificial limbs. What do you think of that?

Personally, I love the idea of both events merging. I like the concept of may-the-best-man-win — no matter what the state of their body. But of course, it brings up all sorts of questions too. If artificial limbs are allowed into overall competition, would steroids be okay too? Will people that have all their limbs intact, intentionally seek out mechanical or technological enhancements? Are we on a road to becoming a race of bionic people?

Tell me: do you get curious about this sort of thing too?

P.S. — Can you tell I’m feeling contemplative and curious this week? So many things on my mind. TP-ing and atomic testing and creating and Aurora and…