Ten bucks says it’s going to be another great weekend. Let’s start it off with a post from our Guest Dad, Dutch, author of the super-famous blog Sweet Juniper. But first, a quick introduction.

Liz in San Francisco, first told me about Sweet Juniper, and with one visit I was hooked. I quickly put up a SJ blog button in my “Design Mom Recommends” section so you could get hooked too. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do.

I don’t know a ton of details about Dutch. But I do know that formerly he was a lawyer and that currently he titles himself a Gentleman of Elegant Leisure. I also know that his wife, Wood, keeps a binder for him labeled Feuds, where she keeps track of all the fights he gets in. I think that makes her a really good wife.

And now, enjoy his Guest Dad post, because it’s excellent. And he’s a busy man, so we’re only going to get this one post. But it’s a really, good post and we’ll take it.

Thanks, Dutch!