Back in July, at BlogHer, I met a bazillion stand-out women. And one that has especially stood out for me is Tracey Clark. Every so often I feel like I discover something more about her that deepens my admiration. For example, I just figured out this week, that in addition to being an artistic and talented mother, a photography guru and an excellent writer, she has also authored two books.

Two books, my friends. And they’re published by the always fantastic Chronicle Books.

Waiting for Baby is a pregnancy journal. Beautiful. And a smart gift for any expecting someone. It will help you record all the joys, fears, and memorable moments of your pregnancy and includes guided prompts throughout to help you write about your emotions and experiences. There is even space for photographs so you can document your ever-growing bump.

Baby of Mine is a memory journal to help you make a record of baby’s first year. Another smart gift for anyone with a new baby. It goes above and beyond the traditional baby book, recognizing the journey that mother and child embark on together. With room, of course, to add pictures and other mementos.

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