May 28th Watches - Cool designs. Or you can create your own with any Instagram image.

By Gabrielle.

I wear a watch occasionally. More as a bracelet, than as a practical time piece. And generally of the under $50 sort — like a Timex with an striped band, or a classic white Swatch, or this Casio that I wore religiously till I lost it.

May 28th watches were recently introduced to me and I really want to see one in person. Very cool designs and collaborations, like this one with Kate Spade. And they also have an Instawatch option — you can create a watch with any of your Instagram photos as the face! Wouldn’t that make the coolest gift?

Where do you fall on watches? Did you stop wearing one when you started carrying a cell phone? Do you favor something delicate and jewelry like? Maybe you’re saving up for a vintage Rolex?