6/23 UPDATE: Maude is still improving, but her fever is resistant. We’re not sure if she’ll be able to come home tomorrow (Friday), but we’ll know more this afternoon. The good news: She’s in a wonderful mood and her cough is much improved. She has books, boardgames and friendship bracelet supplies. And I just restocked her ipod with a bunch of movies. The kids will get to visit her today after school and she’s so excited! This morning she said, “Man. Our family is so cool! I forget how great they are until I’m away from them.”

Thank you so very much for your sweet words. Maude has been reading every comment (me too!) and they make her happy. Also, I try not to do the guilt thing and didn’t mean to beg for compliments, but your supportive words about my parenting are reassuring all the same. So thank you for that as well!


Mimi has been sick for a week. We finally took her to the doctor this morning and it turns out she has a horrible case of pneumonia. Poor thing! The pneumonia is awful enough that she’s been hospitalized.

The good news: she’s responding well to the antibiotics. The bad news: the infection was so severe that they want to keep her in the hospital until at least Friday. (And yes, of course I’m kicking myself for not getting her to a doctor sooner — it was one of those things where she seemed to be getting better in the morning, but then would get worse in the evening, but then seemed better the next morning… Bad, bad parent.)

I’ll be back as soon as life stabilizes again.