By Gabrielle.

How adorable is this couple? They just seem to fit together, don’t they? From their neon flair to their exuberance, they’re a pretty pair.

Do you and your mate match? I mean, do you get ready for a party and suddenly realize on your way out the door that you’re dressed similarly? There have been times when the only different color in my and Ben Blair’s outfits is the red of my lipstick! And in France, I noticed that couples often matched, maybe because everyone’s wardrobes were comprised of the same muted color layers and scarves!

Or, on the flip side, are you attracted to your complete style opposite? Since our move to the Bay area, I’ve seen stylish couples everywhere I look. But style here seems to be an individual undertaking, unrelated for the most part to what a person’s partner is wearing. Is that true where you live, too? I’d love to hear some funny tales that begin with “Wait. You two are together?!