Ready for some more photos from the Treehouse? Last month, I shared photos from our Master Bedroom remodel, and today I’m sharing photos from the Master Bath and Closet remodel, plus the little Half Bath in the hallway.

To start, I’m going to repost drawings of the before and after floor plans, because the layout and pathways of these spaces changed a lot.

The floor plan drawings are by Tierney Conner Design Studio, and you may remember, I pointed out the major changes in this old post. As a reminder, the big things are that in the old layout, the toilet was in one room, the sink was in a second room, and the shower was in a third room. Additionally, closet space was very minimal, and there was no direct access from the master bedroom to the master bathroom.

All that has changed now.

To enter the closet from the bedroom, you go through a newly added door. And this is what you see when you first open the closet door:

My closet space is straight ahead and fills one side of the space. We kitted it out with The Container Store’s Elfa shelving from floor to ceiling. (I’m admittedly obsessed with Elfa. We used it in the laundry area, and in our office too.)

Above my clothes, we have storage shelves. They hold luggage, winter ski gear, and a bin of some older sentimental items (like baby blankets). The ceiling is sharply slanted, so the storage space is like a big triangle.

Across from my clothes, on the opposite wall, is Ben Blair’s closet space. And between the two hanging spaces is a sliding pocket door to the bathroom. Here’s a shot looking from the bathroom into the closet (my stuff is on the left, Ben’s stuff is on the right):

We keep a ladder on the wall behind the closet door, so we can reach the luggage easily. 

In the closet, we kept the same design elements that we used in the master bedroom. The same blue door. Green plants. A pop of yellow furniture. Matte black-wire lighting. Silver hardware on the doors (and shelving too). We carried the grid element into this space with the tall laundry hamper from Ferm Living.

From the closet door, here is the view of the new-and-improved Master Bathroom:

Remember, previously in this space, there was only a sink plus a small closet. Now it holds a toilet, shower and sink — a complete bathroom! In one room! Hooray! The wall where the towels are hanging? That used to be a doorway to the hallway/landing.

We’ve been living with and using this new bathroom for many months now and I still love the decisions we made here on fixtures. The happiest purchase might have been the vanity + sink that came as one piece (it even came with drawer hardware and a mirror, but we didn’t use the mirror).  The space we had to work with is 60 inches wide (5 feet), and it just so happens that there are tons of pre-built vanities available that can be delivered really quickly at affordable prices. Which was perfect for us. 

I should mention here that I did almost all the bathroom supply shopping at Wayfair. We’re talking toilet, sink, faucets, shower drain, towel rods, glass panel for the shower, pendant lights. So much stuff. Why? Well, partly because I had credit with them that I wanted to use up, but also because they have the best prices I could find. And maybe the biggest reason is because I love using their site for shopping. Their Idea Boards tool is incredibly helpful for comparing products and getting an idea of how things will work together, and they ship so fast! It’s a huge time saver.

You may remember a lot of the remodeling on this project was scheduled to happen when we were in France, and one of the last appointments we had before we left to France was a with a custom cabinet-maker. The idea was that he would build our cabinet while we were gone, communicate with drawings via email, and the whole thing would be ready when we got back.

But in this case, it turns out I was really frustrated with the custom cabinet route. I felt like I was reinventing the wheel. I just wanted a simple, modern, floating cabinet. I didn’t need anything super-special or unusual. I would draw a sketch and he would send back drawings and we couldn’t seem to get to a good place.

And then, I realized there were good-looking pre-made cabinets that fit our dimensions perfectly, and this huge weight lifted from the whole process. Not everything needs a custom solution. 

Speaking of floating, I’ve talked about our floating toilets before, and I still adore them. Cleaning really is a snap.

For tile, we considered tons of options, and I ended up falling in love with a pairing of small squares and extra-long rectangles from Allen + Roth we found at Lowe’s. When I was trying to narrow down my choices, I asked my friend Jenny Komenda for advice, and she mentioned that in bathrooms, she prefers smaller tiles underfoot because it’s easier for feet to grip. 

I loved that advice and it definitely helped me make a final decision.

We had the contractor add two recessed areas to hold shampoo and soap. The lower one is at a good height for when I’m shaving my legs.

For our shower faucet we chose the Purist model from Kohler. I’m still super into the handsome cross shape of the handle.

For the towel rods, hand towel hanger and toilet paper roll dispenser, I chose the Trinsic line by Delta. Very reasonably priced, and they coordinated well with the handles on the vanity.

For the sink faucet, I used the same Purist Kohler line. I should note: they do offer the cross-handle design for their sinks, but it’s made for a 3-hole plumbing situation, and I needed a countertop 1-hole option. Happily, I like their counter-top design as well. 

Also on the countertop: we chose dark accessories from Target to match the feel of the matte dark metal we used in the bedroom and closet.

Through out the bathroom, we used similar design elements that we featured in the bedroom. Silver and pewter for hardware, a round mirror to mimic the round window in the master bedroom. Blue towels to match the blue doors. And we used these handsome Legrand Adorne plugs throughout the space. 

I love these outlets and switches. We’ve used them in several spaces now and they add such a nice detail to any room. If I haven’t told you about them before, they are offered in endless choices — colors and materials, combinations of usb and plugs, you can add nightlights, and auto-off features. They’re the best!

Here’s one more overall picture of the bathroom taken with a wide angle lens so you can see more of it at once:

You can see the ceiling has tons of angles and geometry, just like in the master bedroom. Speaking of which, the vanity is now where the small closet used to be. When we removed the closet, there was a recessed area that we could see would be above the sink. So that’s where we added a light. I chose an LED bar light. Above mirror lights can be problematic because they can add shadows to your face as you’re getting ready. But this light is close to the mirror and not directly above our heads, so shadows aren’t a problem.

For overall room light, we have two globe pendants that work well with the slanted ceiling. And that controller you see on the fall wall? That is connected to our under tile heated floors. (The BEST!)

What you don’t see in this image is the large skylight in the high ceiling. Between the skylight and the tall window, this room gets terrific light.

Now, not to be confusing, but we’re going to jump to two images of the little hallway closet. Before, it was just a toilet — no sink. We added a sink, a mirror, a new toilet, a ceiling fan, and resurfaced the floor, walls, and ceiling. The tiny space now seems super fresh.

We also framed our house rules (just uploaded a file to Framebridge) and posted them on the back wall. A couple of things to call out: the faucet in the half bath is really handsome and quite affordable (especially compared to the faucet we used in the master bathroom). We added yellow plus a circle with the mirror, we added rectangle and square grids with the tile and TP basket. Also, since the pipes underneath were going to be exposed, I spent a little more on good-looking plumbing.

Okay. I think that’s the whole tour! It’s fun for me to see these photos. We took them back in January and I’ve since changed up the bathroom quite a bit — for example, the big artwork is gone, because we needed a place for towels and added racks instead, plus a cute little red first-aid cabinet and some smaller art. I’ll try and snap a photos.

Next, I’ll share sources and few before and after photos.



Closet: yellow ottoman from Ikea, red ladder from Amazon, Elfa shelving from Container Store, grid hamper by Ferm Living, hanging pendant barn light (similar here), modern doorknobs, dark pelt rug.

Master Bathroom: tile from Lowe’s, shower faucet and sink faucet by Kohler, wall-mount toilet, flusher wall plate, floating vanityround mirror, over vanity LED bar lightglobe pendants lights, frameless shower door, wastebasket from Ikea, hand-towel rod, towel bars and toilet paper bar from the Trinsic line by Delta, outlets and plugs (throughout all the spaces) are Adorne by Legrand.

Hallway Half Bathroom: black wire basket, small round yellow mirror from Ikea, tiny ceramic sink (perfect for a very small space), modern faucet, handsome plumbing partswall-mount toilet, flusher wall-plate, above sink wall-mount light fixture, artwork framed by Framebridge, simple blue wastebasket, hand-towel bar is from the Trinsic line by Delta.

P.S. — More posts about The Treehouse. And here are some before photos of the space. It may be hard to tell what is what, so I’ll include notes. For example this first photo is the small closet which is where the new vanity is now:

And below is an overall shot of the old bathroom standing from the new closet. Where you see that mirror? That’s where the toilet is now. The main room door you see is gone now. That wall is where our blue towels are hanging.

The high up door above the mirror? We used that space for luggage and Christmas boxes before. But it’s all closed in now, with a new opening in the family room.

This old sink and vanity is where the shower is now. Notice the texture on the walls? All gone now!

In this next photo you can see a tiny sliver of a pink pocket door. That’s the same door we now have between the closet and the bathroom (though we’ve painted it). So this shot is as if you’re standing in the bathroom looking into the closet. The bathtub was basically where my clothes hang now.

And this wall is gone. Ben Blair’s closet space and a door to our bedroom replaced it.

Here are a few shots of the old hallway toilet room. Notice: no sink!

Credits: Photos by Kristen Loken for Design Mom. Disclosure: This post is not sponsored, but I do have a working relationship with Wayfair, and I did receive store credit from Wayfair at the beginning of this project, and used it to purchase certain items throughout.