On Sunday, since it was October 1st, the kids pulled out our Halloween box. It’s filled with Halloween books, trick-or-treating pumpkin buckets, and a few different pieces of Halloween decor — some that we’ve had for 20 years! The house is looking festive, which feels great, and last night we lit a bunch of tealights for atmosphere, turned out the lights, and read Halloween books by flashlight. For those of you looking for simple, fun ways to bring some Halloween to your home, here are a 8 Ideas for Making the Most of Halloween:

1) Here are 10 Great Halloween Books. And a few more of our favorites.

2) Three Easy+Pretty+Eerie ways to Decorate the House for Halloween. (I made this video when we lived in France!)

3) One question I receive every year: What are ideas for Coordinating Costumes for Siblings and Families? And here’s a similar discussion. Chime in with your ideas, too!

4) In the mood for a fun craft? Try these easy Paper Garlands — they glow in the dark. Spooky!

5) This is more of a project than a craft, but it’s not hard, you can use it every year, and it will look AMAZING in your yard: Spooky Scarecrows for your lawn.

6) An oldie but goodie, I made these recycled DIY Halloween Silhouette Plates when we lived in New York and I still display them every year.

7) This is a simple craft where your kids will shine. They get to draw with glue! DIY Halloween Dishtowels.

8) My kids haven’t decided on costumes for this year yet, but here are some costumes from past years

Are you already making Halloween plans? Or decking out your house? Have you kids already decided what they want to dress up as? And what about you? Will you be dressing up this year? Maybe hosting a Halloween party? I’d love to hear!

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