If you were checking in with this blog last December, you may remember my post about my kids making Christmas gifts for each other. Well. We spent last weekend getting the making underway again. Ralph and Maude both completed their gifts for Olive.

Ralph made 3 bottles of bubble bath. We used recipes inspired by this site, but pretty much just used what we had. We put the bubble bath in 3 little bottles we picked up at Michaels. $1 each. Ralph hand-drew the labels on a blank sheet of computer label paper that we trimmed into strips. This was a great project for Ralph’s talents and skills. This is what Ralph named each concoction and a rough idea of the contents. Each recipe makes about 1/2 cup — because that’s how much fit in each bottle.

Luxury Honey & Vanilla Bubblebath:
-1/4 cup clear shampoo from Trader Joe’s
-1/8 cup honey
-1 tsp vanilla
-1/8 cup sunflower oil
-yellow food coloring

Almond Extract with Vitamin E Luxe Bubble Bath
-1/4 cup shampoo
-1/8 cup baby oil
-2 lids vitamin E oil
-1/8 cup almond extract (the kind used in cooking)
-blue food coloring

Silken Perfumed Luxury Bubble Bath
-Nanette Lepore and Muschio Biacco shower gel (the entire contents of two little bottles from two different hotel stays)
-Contents of perfume sample of Daisy by Marc Jacobs
-1/4 cup combo of sunflower oil, baby oil and vitamin E
-red food coloring & one drop of blue that we regretted. It muddied it up instead of tinted it violet.

Maude used a round loom to knit a scarf for Olive. This was our first experience with a round loom. It’s maybe the greatest invention ever. Ever. The thick yarn we used made for quick progress — a nice benefit to keep Maude motivated during her first project. She did a excellent job. The scarf is really lovely. I intend to borrow it often.

Olive is going to love both of these.