This post is sponsored by Method


I’m so happy to be working with Method on a series of posts. If you’ve been reading for awhile, you already know I’m a long-time Method fan. In fact, I remember when the line was first introduced at Target — a special display with rows and rows of bulb shaped, translucent, brightly colored handsoaps. I was like a moth to the flame!

For the first post, I thought it would be fun to talk about scents. Do you have strong opinions about scent? I think I started thinking about scent when I became pregnant for the first time. Suddenly, every smell seemed magnified by 1000! I couldn’t stand perfumed candles, certain deodorants, and all sorts of food. I became so picky!

Right now, my scent preferences seem to change with the seasons. In the fall and winter I want cinnamon and clove and warm scents. This month, I’m craving florals and fresh scents — like lavender or waterfall. And I’m sure when summer arrives, I’ll be drawn to citruses.

How about you? Do you have a favorite scent you’re loyal to for cleaning products? Lemon? Pine? Mint? Or do you like to experiment? Perhaps scent is secondary for you and color/packaging are the priority? I’d love to hear your scented opinions!

P.S. — Did you see Method’s Clean Happy anthem video? It’s is seriously awesome!! They used handsoap bottles to make a lite-bright display. 100% cool. And it will make you happy.