Warning: Halloween isn’t really my holiday. I know, poor timing on the Guest Momming, right? Actually, no holiday is really my holiday because I’m very much an “every-day-is-a-holiday” kind of spontaneous person, so any form of obligatory tradition rubs my anarchist self the wrong way. Mr. Dub calls me a communist; I prefer impulsive.

Ideological reasons aside, Halloween is typically neglected at my house. I blame the limited black-orange combo and cheesy, gory décor of years past. It just felt tasteless to me. Plus, I live in an apartment (sigh), and one has to limit seasonal accents, or it ends up looking comical.

However, things have changed in the last few years. There is now a whole slew of Gothic-inspired Halloween décor that is classy and cool. Plus, green, purple and white have rounded out the Halloween palette, giving us more visual possibilities.

This year I’m really digging on black and white — black birds, white pumpkins, black and white polka-dot ribbon — though you need a dose of orange for good measure. Here’s a sample of what I’m currently adoring:

{1. I heart this black feather wreath from Pottery Barn. It hints at gore but has a lot of glamour. I’m sure you could make this yourself, but I don’t condone killing birds. Besides, it’s on sale.

2. All you need is some black paint and a homemade stencil of something spooktacular to make these classy creepy pumpkin silhouettes, seen here.

3. The intricate lattice work on these green gourds look Victorian, giving these pretty pumpkins an antique glow. Of course, Martha is behind this labor-intensive project. My hands hurt just thinking about it. Probably not worth it.

4. An easier, but equally delightful pumpkin display found on Delish. Little bits of ribbon glued around small gourds scream “Halloween,” but could easily be swapped out for a fall ribbon palette come November.}

And there’s so much more out there, like this slideshow from Better Homes & Gardens’ website. I must admit this magazine used to cater to people who collect roosters, but it’s recently become one of my favorite home mags thanks its increasing variety and modernity. Just check out a sampling of their pumpkin designs. Swoon!