I’m a big fan of delicate, understated jewelry. But sometimes I crave the addition of an outrageously out-of-place piece to really make a bold statement. Neon and rhinestones with a worn tee, perhaps. Or a necklace that weighs more than Baby June!

Do you know any tricks to pulling off this sort of look effortlessly? Is it more about matching, or more about not matching?

Tom Binns beauty, as seen here.

P.S. — You’re going to laugh, but I get a ton of compliments whenever I wear a silver chain that was given to me at a conference to hold my credentials. Without the Hello! My Name Is Gabrielle tag, it really is quite lovely! Do you ever receive a compliment about something you’re wearing and find yourself embarrassed and answering “Oh! It cost only a few dollars!” Why do we do that?!