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f you who are new Design Mom readers, you should know I’m one of the sk*rt founders and there are few things I enjoy more than talking about sk*rt to anyone and everyone. So of course, I post about sk*rt here as often as possible. Don’t know what sk*rt is? It’s like Digg for chicks. You can get it know sk*rt better here and here. ]

Maker Faire Austin is happening this week, and sk*rt is getting involved in a super-fun way. We at sk*rt are ready to kick it up a notch and celebrate some of our favorite independent makers and do-it-yourself-ers!!!

Because, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are some pretty amazing artists, makers, designers, crafters, chefs, and creative geniuses who hang around and sometimes even show off their stuff at sk*rt. And we LOVE it!

In fact, we’ve all found some of the coolest independent designers through sk*rt, and we want to make sure you don’t miss them! So we’re going to take this week and this opportunity to highlight them, celebrate them, and give them a little extra love. And in turn, they want to give you a chance to win some of their amazing makes.

That’s right, we’re talking a major SK*RT/MAKER FAIRE GIVEAWAY, people.

Here’s how it will work. We’ll be posting at the sk*rt blog everyday between Monday, October 15 and Sunday, October 21 about the different featured independent makers and what they’ll be adding to the SK*RT/MAKER FAIRE GIVEAWAY! Each day we’ll let you know about new items being added to prize packages. Cool right? Honestly, the prize packages are so huge, we have to ease you into them. Seriously. So we’ll let you know one or two items at a time. Because they’re that awesome! And so are the fantastic sk*rt makers behind them.

All you have to do to enter the GIANT SK*RT/MAKER FAIRE GIVEAWAY is to LEAVE A COMMENT on ANY of the sk*rt entries tagged “Maker Faire”….like for instance, any one like this one, or like this one. In fact, if you’re an artist/maker/designer/crafter/chef/creative genius yourself, you could even post your own link on sk*rt, tag it “Maker Faire” and anyone who left a comment on your post would be entered.

The more comments you leave on different “Maker Faire” entry items, the more you’re entered. Cool huh? To find “Maker Faire” items, simply browse sk*rt or type Maker Faire into the search field at the top of the sk*rt website.

We can’t wait to introduce you (or reintroduce you) to some amazing independent artists and makers. After all, that’s what sk*rt (and Maker Faire Austin!) is all about!

Happy Sk*rt/Maker Faire Week everyone!