Note from Design Mom: While I’m busy with the move to France, I’ve got a crew of talented Guest Moms filling in for me. Enjoy!

My first featured guest is Khali Whatley who writes the inspirational blog Little Lovely where she shares lovely ideas for little people. She regularly posts ingenious DIY projects like these scratch Valentine cards and this kid’s castle made from recycled materials. I’m delighted that she created this sweet game with my kids (and the long plane ride!) in mind.

Keeping six children entertained on a flight from the USA to France is bound to be challenging, so I made a game for the Blair children to play in transit. It’s the traditional card game snap, with a twist – it features English and French words that must be matched in order to win. Oui. Yes. Snap!

1) First I cut oversized playing cards from sheets of thick paper. Then, I wrote corresponding French and English words and painted them with watercolour. I colour co-ordinated the word pairs to make the game easier for the younger Blair children.

2) Next, I outlined the words using a thick pen, to make them easier to see.

3) For the reverse of the cards, I created a stamp by drawing a picture in pencil onto a sheet of linoleum. The illustration (of watercress) was inspired by the name of the house where the Blairs will stay, La Cressonniere.

4) Then, I cut out the watercress stamp using linoleum carving tools.

5) Before stamping the reverse of the playing cards I painted a shape with watercolours that was roughly that of the stamp. Once dry, I stamped over the top in a darker shade of green. I did this process quickly to give each card a unique finish.

6) After the paint was dry, I personalised the playing cards by writing ‘Famille Blair’ underneath the watercress image.