I made a promise to Sara from Toast and Tables and this Patricia from Mrs. Blandings that I would post pink on October 1st in solidarity with all the fine people in the world who have fought breast cancer in the past and and are fighting it in the present. And then I promptly forgot.

And so, days late, here is my pink post. Featuring knives. Special knives that are really more like tools. Tools that are easy to carry with you. On a keychain. In your pocket. To make sure you’re prepared. Because there really is no way of knowing what life is going to throw your way on any given day.

And while these knives aren’t made to cut breast cancer out of your life directly, they are perfect for those of us who love a little retail therapy when we’re in the middle of a life-crisis. With a swiss army knife or swiss card in your handbag, you’ll know that you’re prepared, should you need to cut the tags off a cute new skirt so you can wear it right out of the store.