By Koseli.

On Friday morning I had the honor to see Maira Kalman speak at Creative Mornings at the MOMA. It’s been a dream of mine to meet her as she is one of my all-time favorite illustrators. She illustrated Elements of Style and Michael Pollan’s Food Rules, wrote and illustrated several children’s books like What Pete Ate, fell in love with Abraham Lincoln (a must, must read!), and designed at least 12 covers for the New Yorker. She travels the world to people-watch, and her off-the-cuff observations are so spot on; armed with her free and funny illustrations and signature script, they really hit a reader hard.

I often think she’s speaking to me…sometimes, for me.

When someone in the audience asked, “If you could be anywhere with anyone, where would you be?” she responded without hesitation, “Eating breakfast with Proust.” I got up the courage to say hello afterward and ask her to autograph the book that made me realize I love grammar, and suddenly said, “I want to join you and Proust for breakfast!” She laughed and said, “All right.”

It’s a date. A dream date.

Have you ever met your favorite author or even a celebrity crush? Did you speak up? I’m so excited to hear. I feel like it could be incredibly wonderful or horribly embarrassing and disappointing to see someone from your dreams in real life!