Here it is. The first prize announcement for the sk*rt/Maker Faire Giveaways!

Sk*rt is proud to partner with Rachel Mee Chapman aka Magpie Girl a fabulous Seattle-based artist. Her work is lovely and fantastic and you can find some of it here.

And to celebrate independent makers and Maker Faire Austin, she’s been kind enough to giveaway the following two items:

A Typewriter Key Bracelet: Vintage typewriter keys are cleaned and filed to create this unique bracelet. Spell out your name, wear and inspiring word, or just sport a collection of numbers and symbols. 11 keys per bracelet, 6.5 inches in length

An Original Shrine Kit: Create a pocket shrine to inspire you or to bless a friend. The kit in includes a reclaimed tin, beautiful papers, and other adornments.

Together these items are worth $50 — a wonderful addition to our amazing prize packages. So we’re on our way. Watch for more items all throughout the week (there will be 12!) And leave a comment on any Sk*rt/Maker Faire this one…and you’re registered to win!

Stay tuned… And thank you Magpie Girl!

Note from Design Mom: I’m leaving the comments closed on this post so you won’t be confused. To enter this Giveaway, leave a comment here.