Every time we move, our collection of beloved photos, notes and postcards on the refrigerator goes into a file folder to be transported to our next kitchen. And every time I open that folder and transfer the old mementos to the new fridge, that new kitchen finally feels like home.

But like most people, we’re always trying to cram the corner of just one more birth announcement under an already maxed-out magnet. So I decided to replenish the stash with a pack of magnets from the craft store; some smooth, tactile stones; and my newest craft crush: rub-on transfers from this company.

The transfers add a nice hit of design without actually needing to know how to draw or tinker around in a design programs, and I really like the contrast of a bright graphic against natural stone.

Simply rub a transfer onto a found pebble or stone, and glue to the magnet with a dab of epoxy glue, like J-B Weld. Now the magnets are almost as cherished as what they hold.

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