The Cutest Back to School Stuff for Preschoolers

It’s been 2 1/2 years since I packed a lunch for my kids. It’s not really done in France, where lunch is the main meal of the day, and is served hot and eaten at a leisurely pace either at school or at home. But I’m starting to gear up again, because I know there’s a solid chance my kids might prefer to bring a lunch than queue up in the cafeteria.

The bright spot? Browsing all the cute lunch boxes, lunch bags, and bento boxes out there! Some of my favorites: Red Riding Hood insulated mugSpace Robot double-decker bento boxInsulated lunch bagLunchbox Car, Pinocchio bento box, Woodland snack box, and the Spaceboy bento box. Also, it’s not a lunch item, but this lion back pack is so cute I can barely handle it!

Tell me, Friends. Do your kids eat school lunch, or do they bring a lunch? (Or do they come home for lunch?) I’m working with Lindsey on a new series about Make-Your-Own-Lunch menus and I’m really excited about it — because I need some serious inspiration in this department! You too? Or are you already a lunch-packing master?