Bagel with cream cheese and cherry jam

Photo and text by Lindsey Johnson.

We’ve arrived at Menu #3 in our Lunchbox Series. This menu is pretty simple and something that I’m likely to put together in a hurry on our way out the door. It comes together quickly and doesn’t require much planning, and my girls love it. I started making cream cheese and jam sandwiches for my daughter when she was little and it has been her favorite sandwich ever since. We switch up the jam depending on what we have. For this sandwich, I used our favorite sour cherry jam, but we also like blueberry and peach.

– bagel with plain cream cheese and cherry (or your child’s favorite) jam
– veggie crisps (these are Inner Pea crisps from Trader Joe’s)
– fresh strawberries
– water

– Bagels can be hard for little mouths to chew. Cut it into fourths for younger kids.
– Usually I’m worried about making the bread soggy and use a thin layer to keep the jam from soaking in, but here it’s okay.
– The jam can squeeze out through the center and sides, so go easy on it. You could also mix the jam and cream cheese together or just use flavored cream cheese.

– Red lunchbox from IKEA (in stores only in US)
– Reusable zippered bags from Blue Avocado
– Polka dot reusable sandwich bag from BUILT
– Reusable water bottle from Rubbermaid*

*I don’t know why I keep buying these water bottles! They leak and after a few times of using them, the straw loses its suction. I’d love some suggestions on your favorite reusable water bottles with built-in straws. (Because I still have a kindergartener who thinks she can’t have a drink without a straw. : )