Lucy Chadwick at home

By Koseli

Looking effortlessly chic, Lucy Chadwick’s signature style—a top knot, cool glasses, chunky knits, and boyfriend jeans—pops up repeatedly on Pinterest and Tumblr for good reason. Somehow her look is edgy and pulled together but completely unpretentious. I love it. This video of Lucy by Todd Selby for Zara is a fascinating view into this artist’s New York City loft, personal aesthetic, and passion for architecture.

Isn’t she and Duffy’s A-frame refuge in upstate New York so dreamy? Lucy’s sentiments about living spaces and making them your own made me think: Do you have a place all your own? Have you ever transformed a room or even an entire home so that it’s “all you”? Or, if you could have any place to call your own, what and where would it be?