It’s impossible not to use the word passionate if you find yourself talking about Brandi Sellerz. Also, compassionate. She’s a postpartum doula, a self-care advocate, and her social media spots are a safe haven where voices connect about normalizing breastfeeding and removing the stigma and shame from women’s issues. Her messages to her sons about thriving as people of color in today’s tumultuous, exhausting times are so good. And necessary. And reassuring. And breath-stealing.

Her words will disrupt your thoughts and stick to you for days, popping back up with a gasp when you recall the thought she shared. That you’re not alone, even when you are. Forgive yourself. Speak up. Louder now. Find the good. And to remember your worth, no matter how often the world tries to convince you otherwise.

I don’t know how to explain how her images and words and song make me feel other than to describe it as running sprints in a hothouse. It takes a while to recover, but you feel healthier for it.

I really love her beautiful life, and I’m glad she’s out there somewhere.