Lotta's TreesLotta's Trees

By Koseli. Illustrated prints by Lotta Olsson. Discovered via Fine Little Day

In light of Gabrielle’s recent post on finding the perfect house for their family (which they call The Treehouse!) and a P.S. that had us all empathizing and wishing she and her wonderful family R&R, I I have been searching for art and design that captures that feeling — the in-between time. The period between true summer and shimmering fall, the limbo just before you make the final steps, or the time when you’re in a new place but you’re not quite in the new place. I think we all understand that feeling. It can be exciting; it can also be painful and exhausting.

Swedish designer Lotta Olsson‘s illustrations of Seed Tree, August Tree, and Aspen Tree feel especially poignant and beautiful right now. I love how the spindly roots reach downward but still look like they’re floating, and the branches up top blossom and arch in surprising directions.

Lotta's Trees