Marjorie, a Design Mom reader, sent me a link to the garbage bin her husband designed. You have to check it out. It’s gorgeous! The lid becomes the dustpan, and the brush stores right on the side so it’s less likely to get lost. The whole thing is designed to do it’s job for a lifetime.

Marjorie told me the dustbin is entirely made in Los Angeles. The steel base is folded and powder coated for durability by Angell and Giroux, who have been folding metal since 1946. The tampico brush is custom made by Gordon Brush, who make the brushes NASA uses on the Moon! And Mars! Find it for sale here. I would love to see one in person — I don’t remember being this excited about a trash bin before. : )

Over the past few years I’ve been making a mental wishlist of gorgeous, well-made cleaning supplies. But it’s been especially fun since we moved to France. The French make beautiful cleaning products. Milky cubes of hard-working soaps. Specialized wooden brushes for every task. And feather dusters that look too sexy to use!

Tell me. Do you pay any attention to the brooms and trashbins and scrubbers you keep around the house? Or do pick up whatever you see first on a mad dash through the grocery store? (I’m afraid I do some of both!) What’s the best-looking cleaning product you currently own? Do you find that better-designed tools make you more willing to tackle a task?