This post is sponsored by Logitech. Introducing the new Logitech Crayon!


Stumped on what to gift your big kids? Well, this could be the answer. It’s awesome tech. It’s creative. Plus, it’s a great price. It’s the Logitech Crayon. And my whole family is super into it.


Why we like it:

– It uses Apple Pencil technology and but it’s designed for classrooms, and priced accordingly at $69. It works with any 6th generation iPad, and there’s no lag time or delays when you use it.

– It charges super fast — 90 seconds of charging will get you 30 minutes of use. Or you can charge it fully in about an hour. And the full charge lasts up to 7 hours!

– It’s easy to see they had kids in mind when they engineered the Logitech Crayon, because there are no little parts to lose. Even when it’s charging, the end-cap stays connected. Plus, the design is flat, so it won’t roll off a desk or table and get lost under the book shelves. (Not that we’ve ever lost anything under the book shelves.)

– You can use it right out of the box! There’s no complex pairing of the Crayon with your iPad; there’s no pairing at all. It works instantly. In fact, the whole thing, including the packaging, is super simple. In the box, you’ll find the Crayon, a diagram showing you how to charge it, and some technical info. That’s it. No further instructions needed. And no charger to keep track of, because the Logitech Crayon uses the exact same charger your iPad uses. That’s as handy as it gets.

– The control and precision of the Crayon is truly impressive. Need a thicker or thinner line? Just tilt the Crayon. The tip automatically adjusts the weight of the line you’re drawing, depending on the angle you hold it — just like a regular pencil.

How we use it:

I started looking into a stylus for our iPad when I saw someone using one during church. Hah! One of Pixar’s animators is in my congregation, and instead of doodling in a sketchbook while he listens, he uses an iPad and a stylus. (It’s fun to sit in the row behind him and watch him work.)

I knew my kids would love something similar, so we set aside our iPad for drawing only. We took off all non-essential apps (no Youtube, no email, no messaging, etc.), and hid everything else except drawing apps. When the kids crave screen time, but I don’t want them zoned out, we pull out the drawing iPad. It’s ideal for car trips, rainy days, or looonng sermons. : )

It’s amazing how versatile the Logitech Crayon is. The kids draw tiny details, they try different hand writing styles and calligraphy styles, they make watercolor-esque backdrops. I’m telling you now it’s pretty irresistible, and there’s a 100% chance you’ll want to borrow it from the kids.

Thoughts? Have you ever tried a stylus with your iPad? I feel like it’s a total game changer as far as drawing and handwriting goes.

P.S. — If you’re putting the Logitech Crayon under the tree this year, double check that your 6th generation iPad’s IOS is 11.4 or above, and download a drawing app. That way, your kids will open the Crayon, grab the iPad, and start creating immediately.