Most books have it all wrong.

Enduring pregnancy isn’t a matter of getting enough sleep, sucking on ginger candies, or kegel marathons.

Really, it all comes down to storing up a repetoire of snappy comebacks to stupid questions.

Mostly the ones I received were about my size — I was too small, too big, way too big, and should I really be eating so many chocolate chip pancakes?

In Gabby’s case, no doubt it will be about the size of her beautiful family. And while she’s far too gracious to use any of these, I would have some stock answers ready to go. Just in case.

-Yes we planned it. It seemed a shame for that last seat in the minivan to go to waste.

-Yes we planned it. I hear we get a free toaster with every sixth baby.

-Yes we planned it. Now only 12 more to go!

Those forty weeks may seem long but really, they’re a small price to pay.

After all, look what we have to show for it.

From Liz of Mom 101 and Cool Mom Picks.