Little Name DesignLeft and Right laces from Little Name Design

By Koseli.

We’re keeping things simple this year and exchanging only homemade and handmade gifts in our little family and in larger gift exchanges. I’m very limited in my crafting abilities and desires (though I’m a great appreciator!) so we checked out Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in hopes of finding the perfect presents. This was the largest holiday craft fair I’d ever been to and I was struck by how many booths lined both sides of the tents. It was inspiring to see so many people doing what they love! Everywhere I looked I saw something I’d love, but a brand new shop called Little Name stole my heart from first glance.

Alexis from Little Name Design @ Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn

Alexis G. Mcvicker is the sole creator of all Little Name products and has worked for companies like Anthropolgie and Osh Kosh b Gosh. On display at Renegade was a four-piece collection of stylish products that cleverly double as educational: mauve shoelaces printed left and right; scarves that double as checkers boards; old-fashioned lunch pales with flatware outlines; mathematic coasters. The shoelaces! You can buy it all here. And of course, Alexis was as charming as the goods she makes and collects.

There’s something so special about buying a product directly from the person who made it, especially around the holidays. Will you be making presents this year? Have you ever had an exclusively handmade holiday? Any favorite handmade online shops or local boutiques?